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Tangerine Supplier | All of South Florida

Order fresh fruits every day and call  us at 786-488-9022

Tocumen Produce is all of South Florida’s most treasured local tangerine supplier. Give us a call!

We import freshly picked oranges from all around the world. Our customer's favorites include : Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Spain. Locally grown Florida and California

Freshly Harvested Tangerines

Bursting with flavor, our hand-picked and carefully inspected tangerines have become a famous delicacy throughout all of South Florida and South Beach. At Tocumen Produce, we pride ourselves  in bringing you only the most exquisite and freshly harvested tangerines.

Our team meticulously selects standard sized, fully mature  tangerines that are free from skin marks and radiate that intense and sweet tangerine odor. Call us today for your daily dose of delicious!

Tangerine Supplier Miami
Bursting with flavor.
Our Services:
  • Citrus distributor
  • Wholesale fruit distributor
  • Tangerine supplier
  • Orange supplier
Our Guarantees:
  • Affordable prices
  • On-time and regular fruit delivery
  • all of South Florida

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Tangerine: Everyone's Favorite Citrus Fruit

As one of the most popular members of the citrus family, tangerines offer a unique and irresistible smell, with a taste that perfectly balances sweet and sour. Easy to peel, this tiny treat naturally separates into segments and makes for the perfect snack or nutritious dessert.

At Tocumen Produce, we deliver everyone’s favorite types of tangerines, including clementines, tangelos and temples. Enjoy that sweet citrus flavor that only tangerines can provide. Order your citrus fruits today by calling us!

To-die for tangerines!
Tangerine Supplier Hialeah

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